Jeanann Tell

Jeanann Tell


After retiring at the beginning of Covid, I was finally able to retrieve art supplies, most of which had belonged to my father, from the basement. Although I spent many years a a graphic designer, I worked almost exclusively on my computer, rarely even picking up a pencil. I abandoned my graphic design business in 2009, when keeping up with technology became too much of a chore and expense.

Now with Covid 19, I finally have the time to invest in learning to work in a variety of mediums. Beginning in acrylics, then oils, and experimenting in watercolours, multimedia and pastels, I continue to learn and experiment in workshops and in community with other artists.

Most of my work is inspired by my travels, which I find really does make you see things in a new light. The strong colours, intense light and the variety of vegetation in Arizona are particularly inspiring to me. Another of my favourite themes is doorways and  entrances, particularly southwestern ones.